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VirtualBox Control is a shell script application to manage virtual machines using the console.

It was originally written by Carlos Acosta, and published on his website, to manage VirtualBox virtual machines without using the graphical interface. It is written in bash script and uses VBoxManage intensively.

It handles basic start/stop/pause/resume functions, load/unload of removable media and configuration of the remote console port to access the virtual machine's console via vrdp protocol (Oracle VirtualBox extensions must be installed).



The original script works as intended and it manages virtual machines but I felt it lacked visual impact. There were some minor inconsistencies between menus and lack of color. There was also a problem with machines containing white spaces in their names that were simply not detected correctly.

So I changed the code and added more features:

  • V1.3
    • Use UUID instead of name for all functions;
    • Handle machine names with spaces in loops;
    • Code cleaning and ANSI colors on menus;
    • Animation while reading machines status;
    • New option to change VRDE port;
  • V1.4
    • New option to load and eject cd/dvd images;
    • Removal of temporary files on exit;
  • V1.5
    • Added support for floppy images;
    • Corrected some minor language mistakes;



First screen after launching the script, with animated "Please wait" message:

loading screen

Main menu waiting for user to select a virtual machine by its ID on the left:

main menu screen

Details and Control menu for a virtual machine:

details menu

Screen shown after selecting option 9) Load/Eject ISO images:

details menu



Older releases



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